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Year 6 Learning Journey - Writing

My Year 6 Learning Journey – Writing

I can write for a range of purpose and audiences, making use of:

WTS / EXS Autumn Spring Summer
  • paragraphs to organise ideas.
  • a thesaurus to develop word understanding.
  • describe settings and characters.
  • some cohesive devices within and across sentences and paragraphs.
  • précising longer passages.
  • headings, bullet points and underlining.
  • atmosphere and description of settings.
  • integration of speech to develop character and move the action on.
  • vocabulary and grammatical structures that reflect the level of formality.
  • the appropriate form, register, structure and layout.
  • figurative language to add impact and develop meaning (metaphors, personification).
  • narratives describe settings, characters and atmosphere.
  • use a range of devices to aid cohesion within/across paragraphs
  • the correct tense throughout my writing.
  • modal verbs to suggest degrees of possibility.
  • adverbs, prepositional phrases and expanded noun phrases to add detail.
  • a wide range of clause structures, sometimes varying their position in the sentence.
  • the passive voice to emphasise information differently.
  • correct subject-verb agreement (I was / We were).
  • modal verbs and adverbs to develop an argument.
  • a range of verb forms to create subtler meanings.
  • vocabulary choices that are imaginative and words used precisely to create impact and add meaning.


  • CL, FS accurately.
  • Question marks.
  • Exclamation marks.
  • Commas for lists / clauses
  • Apostrophe for contraction.
  • commas for clarity
  • parenthesis (brackets, commas, dashes).
  • semi-colons
  • colons
  • dashes
  • hyphens
  • the range of punctuation taught at KS2
  • spell silent letter words correctly
  • spell –cious / -tious words
  • spell words ending –cial / -tial
  • add suffixes to words ending –fer
  • plural nouns
  • hyphenated words
  • homophones
  • legible joined handwriting.
  • keep the legibility, fluency and speed in my handwriting going through extended work.

I can write effectively for a range of purpose and audiences, selecting the most appropriate form and drawing independently on what they have read as models for their own writing.

Greater Depth Autumn Spring Summer
  • a clear voice, which is evident across the text.
  • manipulation of the features of the text type to create specific effects.
  • well-managed shifts in time.
  • paragraphs to develop and expand ideas, themes and events in depth.
  • well-managed shifts in formality through selecting vocabulary precisely and by manipulating grammatical structures.
  • develop characterisation within narrative.
  • manage the shifts in formality well, choosing the appropriate register
  • select alternative vocabulary and grammar when the purpose and audience when necessary.
  • a varied range of cohesive devices across and within paragraphs.
  • select verb forms for meaning and effect.
  • effective sentences, containing more than one clause and is used to elaborate and to convey complicated information clearly.
  • passive voice to affect the presentation of information in both formal and information situations.
  • a range of literary features such as: repetition, short sentences and figurative language to add impact.
  • correct punctuation (all of WTS and most of EXS).
  • semi-colons to mark the boundaries between two independent clauses.
  • colons to make the boundaries between two independent clauses.
  • All punctuation is consistently accurate.
  • Use punctuation to avoid ambiguity and enhance meaning.
  • spelling that is mainly accurate throughout.
  • good attempts at the spelling of ambitious vocabulary.
  • spelling that is mainly accurate throughout.
  • good attempts at the spelling of ambitious vocabulary.
  • spelling that is mainly accurate throughout.
  • good attempts at the spelling of ambitious vocabulary.
  • fluent, legible handwriting.
  • handwriting that is maintained to a high personalised standard.

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