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Year 5 Learning Journey - Writing

My Year 5 Learning Journey – Writing

I can write for a range of purpose and audiences, making use of:

WTS / EXS Autumn Spring Summer
  • paragraphs to show different information or events (time, place, topic, person).
  • paragraphs that are developed using a main point, topic, event, idea with an explanation or extra detail.
  • linked ideas within paragraphs.
  • well-chosen detail to interest my reader.
  • make use of expanded noun phrases.
  • sub-headings for non-fiction paragraphs, where appropriate
  • manage shifts in time and place effectively and guide the reader through my text.
  • settings to create atmosphere and also indicate change.
  • use ideas from my reading.
  • sub-headings and bullet points to help guide the reader.
  • the correct tense throughout my writing.
  • a range of different sentence starters: -ed / -ing openers, adverbials, conjunctions, place (nearby, inside etc) manner (quick as a flash, with legs swinging in the air).
  • A thesaurus for alternative word choices.
  • similes, metaphors and personification.
  • modal verbs and adverbs to indicate degrees of possibility.
  • relative clauses beginning with who, where, when, whose, that or with an implied.
  • changes to vocabulary, grammar and punctuation to enhance effects and clarify meaning.
  • the perfect form of verbs to mark relationships of time and cause.
  • words that are chosen deliberately for effect.


  • colons to introduce a list.
  • inverted commas and other punctuation to accurately indicate direct speech.
  • commas to clarify meaning and avoid ambiguity.
  • brackets, dashes or commas for parenthesis.
Spelling Spell the following accurately:
  • words ending –ent
  • words ending –ence
  • words ending –ant, -ance, -ancy
  • words ending -ible
Spell the following accurately:
  • words ending –able
  • words ending –ibly and –ably
  • words with ei and ie
  • words containing -ough
Spell the following accurately:
  • homophones
  • clearly joined handwriting.
  • clearly joined handwriting.

I can write for a range of purpose and audiences, making use of:

Greater Depth Autumn Spring Summer
  • consistent use of Standard English.
  • a clear style, aimed at informing, persuading or entertaining.
  • dialogue between my characters which develops the reader’s understanding of my characters.
  • different levels of formality, which is beginning to be developed and controlled.
  • carefully constructed paragraphs, which help guide the reader through the text.
  • carefully and deliberately chosen words, which clarify meaning, enhance effect, increase / slow pace and create mood.
  • expanded noun phrases and relative clauses to add information or detail appropriate to the purpose and audience.
  • paragraphs which support my plot structure (in stories) and clearly signal changes in time, place and events.
  • all elements of grammar are used independently and expertly in a range of texts.
  • commas used accurately to clarify meaning and avoid ambiguity.
  • brackets, dashes, commas for parenthesis.
  • a colon or semi-colon to link separate clauses.
  • accurate and secure spelling.

  • fluent, legible handwriting.
  • handwriting that is maintained to a high personalised standard.

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