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Year 5 Learning Journey - Reading

                                   My Year 5 Learning Journey – Reading

I read widely and frequently, outside as well as in school, for both pleasure and information.

EXS Autumn Spring Summer
Vocabulary knowledge in context
  • I can explore the meaning of new words.
  • Use a dictionary to check the meanings of words read and heard.
  • I can discuss and explore effective language choices, giving reasons for my ideas.
  • I read most words and can decode unfamiliar words instinctively.
  • I can use a range of strategies to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words.
  • I can apply my knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes.
React & respond
  • Frequently read fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays.
  • I can read a range of texts silently and discuss what I have read.
  • I can recommend books to others based on my own reading preferences.
  • I can discuss non-fiction, reference books and textbooks.
  • I can recommend texts based on personal choice, giving reasons.
  • I am familiar with fairy tales, myths and legends.

Question & retrieval

  • I check that the text makes sense by asking questions about unfamiliar words and phrases.
  • I can retrieve and record information from non-fiction.
  • In using non-fiction, I can accurately retrieve information using contents pages and indexes, summarising and recording the information found.
  • I can navigate and efficiently retrieve a variety of information from both fiction and non-fiction.
  • I can make predictions based on the mood or atmosphere of the text.
  • I can predict what might happen from details stated and implied.
  • I can adjust my predictions based on further reading.


  • I can recognise and explain the structural conventions of common text types.
  • I can explain how the structure of a text guides the reader to find specific information.
  • I can discuss and explain how and why texts have different structures.
  • I can begin to summarise the main ideas from a text.
  • I can summarise the ideas from longer texts, identifying key details that support the main idea.
  • I can make notes when analysing texts, starting to précising paragraphs.
  • I can compare stories with similar themes.
  • I can compare different versions of the same text.
  • I can explain how books written in different contexts can have similar themes.
  • I can discuss how characters feel at different points of a story.
  • I am able to engage with a wide range of characters, across different settings and/or time periods.
  • I can show empathy towards a character and justify reasons for actions and opinions.
  • I can use my own experiences to understand events in a text.
  • I can make links between texts I have read, with similar styles or themes.
  • I know that the context in which a text is written can affect a text.
  • I can explain how the words and language used by an author can create a specific effect.
  • I can discuss language used in a variety of texts and explain how the writer has used these to enhance meaning.
  • I can evaluate the author’s use of language and can explain how it has created an impact on the reader.
  • I recognise that inferences can be made by reading between the lines.
  • I can make inferences and justify with some evidence.
  • I can draw inferences about characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives from their actions.
  • I confidently justify inferences with evidence.

I read widely and frequently, outside as well as in school, for both pleasure and information.

Greater Depth Word Reading Comprehension Reading for Enjoyment
  • I read a range of material and show that I can sustain the reading of longer and more demanding books and poetry.
  • I make use of scanning and text marking to help give a clear summary of the key ideas.
  • I can infer meaning using evidence from the text I am studying, wider reading and personal experience.
  • I adapt my own opinion in the light of further reading or other’s ideas.
  • I choose to read widely for pleasure and for different purposes and do so outside of lesson time, because I want to.
  • I add value to my reading by using my personal knowledge and context to read between and beyond the lines.
  • I recognise that there may be times that my interpretation of the text may need to be reviewed in light of new information.
  • I express my own ideas about a text, supporting my ideas with evidence and explaining why this evidence justifies my opinion.
  • I compare texts by the same author and talk authoritatively about their different styles and techniques.
  • I recognise some of the techniques and strategies used by authors to help bring a character to life or to create a precise setting.

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