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Year 4 Learning Journey - Writing

My Year 4 Learning Journey – Writing

I can write for a range of purpose and audiences, making use of:

WTS / EXS Autumn Spring Summer
  • clear sentences that include words and punctuation taught.
  • a clear structure (more than a basic beginning, middle and an ending).
  • a story with a clear structure, setting, characters and plot.
  • key vocabulary and grammar choices that link to the style of writing (e.g. scientific / topic words).
  • paragraphs that open with topic sentences and that are organised around a theme.
  • Endings / conclusions that draw ideas and/or events together.
  • some sub-headings, bullet points to guide the reader.
  • a range of sentences with more than one clause, using conjunctions.
  • the correct article ‘a’ or ‘an’.
  • sentences that are often opened in different ways to create different effects.
  • appropriate nouns or pronouns within and across sentences to link ideas and avoid repeated words.
  • use fronted adverbials of place, time and manner, including the use of a comma.
  • use Standard English, instead of spoken forms (We were, instead of we was).
  • expanded noun phrases with modifying adjectives (‘The strict teacher with curly hair.’)
  • adverbs and prepositions to express time, place and cause.
  • paragraphs that are clear and linked using: controlled use of tenses; subordinating and coordinating conjunctions.


  • correct sentence punctuation all through my writing (CL and FS).
  • apostrophe for omission
  • inverted commas for direct speech.
  • commas after the reporting clauses in direct speech.
  • apostrophe for possession
  • commas for fronted adverbials.
  • the first two or three letters of a word to check its spelling in a dictionary.
Spell the following accurately:
  • words with ou
  • prefixes: dis- / in- / mis- / un –
  • words with -gue

Spell the following accurately:

  • words with ei, eigh, ey
  • adding im- to root words with m / p
  • prefixes: re- / sub- / inter- / super- / anti - / auto-
  • adding –ation to verbs to form nouns

Spell the following accurately:
  • suffixes: -ous / -ian
  • words with ‘s’ spelt ‘sc’
  • possessive apostrophe with plural words
  • homophones
  • diagonal and horizontal strokes that are needed to join letters.
  • understand which letters are best left unjoined.
  • increased quality of my handwriting: down strokes of letters are parallel; lines of writing are spaced clearly so ascenders and descenders are clear and do not touch.
  • handwriting of increased legibility, consistency and quality.
  • present written work formally for different purposes.

I can write for a range of purpose and audiences, making use of:

Greater Depth Autumn Spring Summer
  • characters that are developed through their actions, speech and reactions.
  • non-narrative texts that inform the reader well and give them lots of extra details and information.
  • paragraphs that are well-structured, links ideas and guide the reader through the text.
  • a range of sentence types confidently depending on the type of text I am writing and who for.
  • a range of different sentence openings to create effects, including the positioning of clauses and the use of fronted adverbials.
  • careful use of pronouns to avoid repetition and to help the flow of my writing.
  • add carefully thought-out detail with noun phrases, which are expanded before and after the noun with adjectives, prepositional phrases and adverbial phrases.
  • careful and deliberate word choices, including specific and technical vocabulary.
  • inverted commas accurately for direct speech, including the comma for the reporting clause.
  • all punctuation taught so far is securely used in all forms of writing.
  • clear and consistent handwriting.
  • handwriting that is joined and beginning to develop own style.

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