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Year 2 Learning Journey - Reading

          My Year 2 Learning Journey – Reading  

WTS / EXS Autumn Spring Summer
Word Reading
  • I can sound out unfamiliar words accurately using phonic knowledge.
  • I recognise and read alternative sounds for graphemes.
  • I can self-correct when reading.
  • I read accurately by blending sounds in words that contain the graphemes I have been taught.
  • I read accurately words of two or more syllables.
  • I am beginning to re-read books to build up fluency and accuracy.
  • I can confidently read common exception words.
  • I read most words quickly and accurately.
  • I can read words containing common suffixes.
  • I confidently re-read texts to build up fluency and accuracy.
  • I show enjoyment of reading.
  • I can re-tell some stories, including fairy tales and traditional stories.
  • I can ask questions about a text.
  • I know some simple literary language in stories and poems.
  • I can make simple inferences from illustrations and events.
  • I can make predictions based on what I have read so far.
  • I can talk about key characters and events.
  • I know the difference between stories and poetry.
  • I listen to different types of poetry.
  • I recognise some features of non-fiction.
  • I can talk about what I enjoy about reading.
  • I can listen to and discuss a wide range of modern and classic texts.
  • I can predict what might happen next, based on what I have read so far.
  • I can talk about the sequence of events in a book.
  • I read for meaning, checking that the text makes sense and I correct myself when needed.
  • I can talk about favourite words and phrases.
  • I can answer questions about a text.
  • I know key features of a non-fiction text.
  • I can make simple inferences, giving reasons for my ideas.
  • I can learn a poem by heart.

  • I can talk about a range of texts and give my opinion, including non-fiction.
  • I can discuss and work out the meaning of works, linking new meanings to words I already know.
  • I can infer meaning, giving evidence from the text.
  • I can perform a poem making the meaning clear.
  • I know that non-fiction texts are structured in different ways.
GDS Autumn Spring Summer
Word Reading
  • I can read fluently and confidently.
  • I can read a wide range of text types on my own with consistent fluency, accuracy and confidence.
  • I can make inferences using illustrations, events, character’s actions and speech.
  • I can make links between the books I am reading and other books I have read.
  • I am beginning to relate recurring literary language to certain text types or authors.
  • I can make inferences and predictions based on what has been read, offered and explained.
  • I can show that I understand more challenging age-appropriate texts.
  • I understand the meaning of new words by exploring the word in the text and making links to other words I know.
  • I seek out texts that I know that I will enjoy, using what I know about authors and text types.

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