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Class 3

CLASS 3 - Summer Term 2017

Class 3 have an exciting summer term ahead!

Listed below are all the areas of learning we will be covering and even some suggestions for fun activities you could do with your children.

Subject Topic Suggestions


Literature in Tudor Times

Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’

Poetry – ‘Where my wellies Take Me’.

You could introduce your child to some of Shakespeare’s work.   Discuss the plot, characters and anything that draws your child’s interest.

Encourage your child to experience reading different types of poetry.



Mass and Volume (Yr3)

Area and Perimeter (Yr4)

Converting Units of Measure (Yr5)


An overall review.

Any activities, worksheets or books that cover these topics, suitable for your child’s year group.

Plants and Their Life Cycles


Working Scientifically

Encourage your child to look carefully and name parts of a flowering plant.

Promote scientific discussion.

History Terrible Tudors There will be a strong Tudor theme to our learning across the curriculum this term. Any research, reading material or discussions about the Tudors with your children will be very helpful to them.


Map Skills


Fieldwork of the Local Area

Encourage your child to read any maps or symbols when on outings. This could be something simple like road maps or a map on how to get around an amusement park.
R.E A World Jesus Would have Wanted Share lots of stories about Jesus and those that Jesus told.
ART To Develop Sketching Techniques (Plant theme)

Children will be looking at many different artists that use a plant or flower theme in their work.

Sharing and discussing similar ART work at home or in a gallery would be helpful.

CLASS 3 - Spring (1) 2017

Subject Topic Suggestions


Amazing Authors

Michael Morpurgo’s ‘The Butterfly Lion’

Charles Dicken’s ‘Great Expectations’.

Poetry – The Highway Man.

You could encourage your children to read a suitable Michael Morpurgo and Charles Dickens book (ideally not the books we will be covering in school), to get a feel of the author’s style and stories.




Decimals (Year 4 and 5)

Time (Year 3 and 4)

Percentages (Year 5)

Any activities, worksheets or books that cover these topics, suitable for your child’s year group.

Animal Diets and Nutrition

Teeth and the Digestive System

Research the dietary requirements of different animals (domestic and wild).

Learn the names of the different parts of the digestive system and their purposes.

The same can be done with teeth.

Geography Human and Physical Geography

Children will be learning these differences between human geography (landmarks) and physical (natural).

They will also be looking at the causes of climate change and causes of earthquakes.


Creation Stories

Religious Books

Encourage your children to understand that different faiths have different creation stories and what some of these may include.

The same could be done with how different faiths have different books/text and how these influence the followers of that faith.

Art Famous Artists around the World You could support your child by visiting an Art gallery and looking into the work of some famous artists.
D&T Famous Structures Research into some of the world’s most famous buildings/structures, their features and why they are so famous.




We have an exciting half term ahead!

For English, Class 3 will be attending a poetry based trip, hosted by Valerie Bloom Shaw at the Gatehouse Theatre.  They will be bringing their newly learnt poetry writing skills back to school to write some of their own ‘Bonfire Night’ Poetry. 

Later we will be studying the text ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ that will also inspire our Class to produce some more fantastic pieces of Art Work!  The children have thoroughly enjoyed our ‘Ancient Egypt’ topic and we will be continuing this theme with a focus on ‘Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb’.

Class 3 have also made a fantastic start on the areas of Mathematics we have covered so far.  We will now be focusing our learning on:

• Multiplication • Division • Problem Solving (This will be on-going throughout the year). • Perimeter • Area • Measures.

Our young learners are already very excited to know we will have a ‘Skeletons and life-cycles’ theme to our Science sessions this half term.  As always, any ‘show and tell’ material your child would like to bring in for this theme is always welcome!

Having recently celebrated the Hindu festival of ‘Diwali’ we will be continuing this theme during our R.E sessions, with a focus on religious figures and stories important to Hindus.

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