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Class 3

CLASS 3 - Autumn 1 - 2017

Class 3 have an exciting first half term ahead. Below are a list of learning areas and topics we will be covering.

Subject Topic Overview


Travel and Adventure

Class 3 will be studying a classic favourite, ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. This will link in with our travel and adventure theme and particularly with our History WW2 topic.

Place Value



There will be a strong emphasis on number this half term. Children will have the opportunity to consolidate and build on their number and calculation skills.

1st half term

Earth and Space

2nd half term


Children will be focusing on sorting and analysing scientific evidence and our solar system.

Not only learning about electricity but learning opportunities of applying these skills are all yet to come!


1st half term

Fieldwork and Maps

2nd half term

Maps and locational knowledge

Children will be building on their world and European locational knowledge and then having a go at drawing maps of their own.

Art ART in different countries Maintaining our link of travel and adventure, children will be observing different ART techniques around the world. Class 3 are confident they will be producing some excellent pieces of ART as they did last term.
History World War 2 There will be a strong emphasis on WW2 throughout this term. This will include significant events during this period and particularly what life was like during this time.

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