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Class 2

Class 2 Summer (1) 2017


Our book focus is Robin Hood. We will be doing all sorts of reading and writing activities based on this famous story.

We will also be doing a range of writing in different contexts (posters, science reports, research , instructions etc)

We will also be carrying on with our spelling and handwriting practice.


We will use ICT to support our learning across the curriculum this half term. This will include web searching, importing text and pictures, editing and typing.


We will be revisiting all of our number operations, with a particular focus on subtraction, division and fractions.

We will use real life situations and link work to our topic.

We will also be focusing on reading scales.


In these lessons we will use our work on Robin Hood, science and forest School to produce a forest display.

We will also do some self-portrait work, making wanted posters for outlaws!


We will be looking at how plants grow and what living things need to survive.

We will plant some herbs and observe how they grow. We will learn lots of scientific words about plants and animals!


This term we will be preparing for Sports Day with lots of athletics. We will also try out some team games like Cricket and Netball.

Class 2 will be swimming this half term also.


We will be learning about the Tudors. Following our trip to Moseley Old Hall, we will look at how the Tudors lived, what life was like for a child in Tudor times, and famous people.


We will continue to learn some new songs, and also do some work on rhythm and repeating patterns.


We will looking at Islam in this half term. We shall investigate what Moslems believe and compare it to Christianity. We will also

CLASS 2 Spring (1) 2017

This term’s focus will be ‘Me and My World’.

We will start the term off by visiting Birches Valley in Cannock Chase. Whilst on the trip we will be den building, doing some nature art and looking at different habitats. Our English theme is ‘Amazing Authors’ and will be looking at Julia Donaldson. Therefore, whilst on the trip, we will also be following The Stick Man trail, as the first Julia Donaldson book we will cover is ‘The Stick Man’.

In science the children will be looking at animals and their habitats and will also be taking part in Forest Schools activities every Friday morning. The children will be taking part in a variety of outside practical activities throughout this term, which will link with a number of curriculum areas.

The children will be looking at features of differing environments and in particular their immediate surroundings. As a class the children will be creating a 3D model of the school grounds, which will require research, planning, investigation and making.

In maths we will be concentrating on multiplication and division, time, length and graphs. Any reinforcement of these topics at home, particularly in a real-life context, would be hugely beneficial to your child.




In this half term we will be starting a new RE mini-topic called ‘This is my faith’

In this topic we will learn all about different aspects of Hinduism (Diwali, Holi and Gods), Judaism (Hannukah and Passover) and of course Christianity through Christingle, Advent and Christmas. We will also be enjoying stories from other cultures and comparing them with stories we know well.

In maths we will be mastering addition and subtraction, doing some work on geometry and beginning multiplication. We will mainly focus on our 2, 5 and 10 times tables , but we are also looking at the 3 and 4 times tables to help us in our mental calculations. Please continue to help your children learn these tables!

Our science work is all about the weather. We will be looking at extreme weather events like hurricanes, floods and blizzards – how they happen, the effects they have on our lives and what we can do to survive them.

In ICT we will be using a range of programmes to support our learning, including researching on the internet. We are also improving our word processing skills.

We will also be swimming (until 2nd December), and continuing our sports coaching on Friday afternoons until the end of term.

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