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Class 2

Class 2 - Spring 1 - 2018

Our topic for the Spring term is called Artic Adventures

We will kick start our topic with a trip to the Snowdome to ignite the children’s enthusiasm and experience artic conditions.

Our main stimulation for literacy sessions will be the text by Hans Christian Anderson, The Snow Queen. We will also look at famous explorers and various non-fiction writing will be produced around this theme also.

In maths we will continue work on the four operations and link this into fractions and money then cover statistics and measures.

As well as looking at the contrasting climate between us and the countries within the Arctic Circle, we will be investigating Inuit art and attempting to make Inuit style boats!

During science the children will be looking at reversible and irreversible changes; thermal conductors and insulation; animal habitats and adaptation

Throughout the term RE will be focused on What do Jews believe? and Why do Christians call the day Jesus died ‘Good Friday’ ?

PE will consist of Premier sports sessions, dance and gymnastics.

If you have anything at home linked to our topic – books, both fiction and non-fiction; resources; artefacts, then please feel free to bring into school for us all to share and discuss.


Class 2 - Autumn 1 - 2017

Class 2’s main theme this term is Chocolate! Following our visit to Cadbury World right at the start of term we will have lots of ideas and questions!

Subject Topic Overview


Our main tests will be

‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl, and Lynne Cherry’s ‘The Great Kapok Tree.

Class 2 will be studying these texts in detail. We will also write some poems, recipes and explanation texts .

We will also extend our phonics, spelling and grammar work this term.


Place Value



Shape and Measures

There is a real number skills focus this term. We will also study the properties of shape (2D and 3D) and have a go at some measuring in different ways.

Forces and magnets

Reversible and irreversible changes

In the first half term we will learn all about pushes, pulls and twists. We will also find out about friction.

After half term we will see how materials can change, especially when you heat them up. We may well be melting and cooling chocolate!


Map skills

Comparing the UK with South America and Ghana

We will look at world maps and national maps to find interesting places,

We will compare the UK climate with that of the rainforests in South America and Ghana.

History The Mayan Civilisation We will finding out about this fascinating ancient south American civilisation. We will also look at the Aztec culture in Mexico

What do Christians believe about God?

Who made the World?

What are festivals and why do we have them?

We will look at different creation stories with an emphasis on the Bible version.

We will also investigate why faith groups celebrate festivals such as Eid, Diwali and Christmas.


Safe use of the internet.

Desktop publishing


This term Class 2 will be using the internet to research topics from across the curriculum. There will be lessons on internet safety.

We will also be designing and making our own packaging for chocolate bars.

Design & Technology

Aztec Art – Masks and Clay tiles

Designing and Making chocolates (cooking and packaging)

We will use a range of materials including clay and papier mache to make masks and tiles in the style of Aztec Art.

We will also try to make our won chocolates, design and make the packaging and put on a marketing campaign to sell them.



Using instruments to accompany singing

We will welcome back Mr Mellor who will lead our music lessons.

This will lead up to a concert at Christmas.

MFL Japanese

This term Miss Dallow will be teaching he children some Japanese!

This will be great fun. We may try another language after Christmas.

PE / Forest School

Forest School

Gymnastics / Dance

We will do Forest School every Thursday,

On a Monday there will be an indoor PE lesson. On Friday afternoons there is a Games lesson.


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